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Gatekeeper Pricing
Monthly Rates Per Pitch/Accommodation Unit
Our monthly rates are based on the combined maximum number of pitches and accommodation units available to book through Gatekeeper at your peak season. For example, if your peak season quotas cover 160 camping pitches, 12 holiday caravans, and one cottage, you would pay £168 per month, fully inclusive.
There are no initial set-up fees, no fees associated with Gatekeeper's inbuilt marketing email system, or any other fees outside of those detailed on this page. On account of associated overheads, and the extent of support included within our rates, the minimum monthly rate is £99.
Camping/Touring Pitch Holiday Caravan Glamping Unit Lodge/Cottage
£0.90 £1.75 £1.75 £3
Online Booking Service Styling Fees
For many, our regular styling options are perfectly suited for the purpose. For a seamless customer experience however, we can set your online services up so that the surrounding page matches pages on your park's website to a T. Full integration can be ordered only once you have committed to launching a live Gatekeeper system, or at any point further down the line.
Device Integration Detail One-Off Charge
Desktop Regular Your logo added, background & font colours styled to match your website's look and feel. Free
Desktop Full Integration The entire page mirrors the design of your website exactly as it appears on desktop/tablet devices. £100 - £200
Mobile Regular The Gatekeeper standard mobile design. Free
Mobile Full Integration The entire page mirrors the design of your website as it appears on mobile devices. £50 - £200
Desktop/Mobile Full Integration Redevelopment Charges based on the scale of changes required. An infrequent number of minor changes can be made without charge. Free - £200
Gatekeeper System Clickable Map Integration
Although in no way essential towards achieving any task in the Gatekeeper System, the integration of a clickable map of your park can be the icing on the cake. Working with allocated pitches/accommodation units in the booking window is enhanced, where the actual location of available and occupied units in the park is clear, while the additional map view in the arrivals centre offers a highly practical visual overview of the current status of all of your allocated pitches/accommodation units, and their occupants.
Development Detail One-Off Charge
Click & Hover Layer Only If you already have a serviceable park map, or would like to have a third party develop one for you, we will then only need to add the click and hover based functionality to that map to complete the integration. Charges vary according to the number of pitches contained. £100-£200
Full Development Creation of a vector based park map with click and hover functionality. £300-£400
So Why Choose Gatekeeper?
Well, let us say first that Gatekeeper is not a mass market offering that caters generically to dozens, or hundreds of parks - where assistance in terms of setting up and maintaining your systems is typically either limited in scope, requires third party involvement, or comes at a considerable premium. Instead, we work with a select number of parks only to offer a comprehensive and ongoing partnership, where we can take care of most of everything behind the scenes for you.
For any park today, implementing an effective online booking and booking administration solution is absolutely critical to maximising revenue. Doing so however, can present quite the challenge. Settle for second best, and revenue and productivity costs can be high. In an ideal world, the ultimate solution might be to hire an industry experienced expert directly onto your own team. Somebody ready to offer honest and seasoned advice on all the ins and outs, and take care of the technical necessaries for you on an ongoing basis. If that sounds attractive, stay on the page, because this is exactly what Gatekeeper is all about.
Choosing Gatekeeper will provide you with a powerful and effective online booking service that is second to none. Our customer facing services have been painstakingly crafted to provide a feature rich, yet confusion-free customer experience that is proven to return maximum conversion rates and satisfaction. For you and your staff, our cloud based management system makes access to customer bookings & booking stats about as straightforward and effective as can possibly be - with feedback from those using the system constantly lauding this fact. Although you won't need to lift the hood yourself if that's not your thing, behind the scenes, you'll find the means to configure and customise your platform across the board with tools that are well-documented and intuitive to work with.
Why not give our booking demonstration a try here, and if you like what you see, sign up for an obligation-free trial of the complete Gatekeeper system to judge for yourself.
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Set-up & Support
Gatekeeper comes fully managed at no extra cost to our standard pricing matrix. Although almost all configurable options and settings are readily available to you within the system, you won't have to take care of anything you are not entirely comfortable with. This means we are happy to work with you initially, and year on year, to set up your quotas, prices, minimum stay policies, payment policies and so forth for the following year. We'll also be on hand to talk shop, and help you tweak things as they arise on a reasonable ongoing basis.
Unlimited support is available to park operators, and up to two designated management personnel per park. The management personnel will then be responsible for providing support to other staff.
The Gatekeeper system is however so straightforward to learn and use, that for purposes of working with customers, such as booking in arrivals and dealing with telephone enquiries, just a few minutes instruction proves more than enough to get a new user up and running, tried and tested. Familiarity with other features of the system then follow naturally.
The new user help guide series is also always available from within the Gatekeeper system, or here, providing all the information necessary for day-to-day operations.
Our servers are fully PCI DSS compliant, as certified by Trustwave Trustkeeper. We also run a suite of security and backup implementations to ensure the integrity of your data, and to protect your services from the risk of downtime due to malicious attack. To mitigate the risk of this, credit card details are not stored within our systems at any time.
Our Contract
We are so confident you will want to stay with us, park operators can dissolve our contract with no further obligation on 48 hours' notice. For more details, please see our park operator terms of use and contract here
Frequently Asked Questions
My park has different types of accommodation, how does that work?
Many parks offer different types of accommodation, such as camping & touring pitches, static holiday caravans, glamping tents, wooden tents, cottages, etc. Gatekeeper allows you to split these off into what we call top level categories, which all live within the same system, but are also easily separated out in every way you might want.
In terms of customer facing services, this can be seen in the booking demo here, where bookings for both camping and touring pitches and holiday caravans are integrated into the same landing page. The customisable sections in booking confirmation emails and all other customer facing services and content is also always top level category unique.
Within the Gatekeeper System, all relevant reports and tables facilitate instant switching between your top level categories.
What customisation options can I apply to the online booking service?
In each top level category, once a customer has entered the dates they require, the booking service will show each particular type of available pitch or accommodation unit for selection within its own separate information panel. Besides a detailed availability report for that type of pitch/unit, the panel also contains a photo, and various text based sections. The text sections are all fully HTML formattable, and can be updated, along with the photo, from within your Gatekeeper system.
On the landing page of the booking service, it is possible to make available a link to open an additional panel of information that loads directly into the landing page. This is all top level category independent also. To see an example of this, open the booking demonstration and click the Booking more than one pitch? link (seen with Camping & Touring selected only). Of course, the specific text of the link can be anything that suits the purpose at hand, while you can fully design (or have us help design) the content on any basis.
For important temporary announcements, it's possible to set a prominent message to display on the landing page of the booking service in large red or green font. This could for example to warn people that the ground is very wet, or that you are opening for the season from a specific date.
There is also a HTML formattable section in the People & Extras section, where you can insert any specific pricing and discount clarifications that might be necessary.
Finally, if you have a site map, send it to us, and we will activate the site map link on the landing page of the booking service, which will load the site map directly into the landing page.
Can I edit the content of booking confirmation emails?
Several elements of the booking confirmation email are generated as standard - including full details of the booking, a breakdown of any payments made, and links that take the customer directly into the online update and cancellation services (no password required). Around these however, you have control over three appropriately placed sections where you are free to insert whichever information you would like to offer your customers. These three sections are of course, unique for each of your top level categories.
The content of these sections are editable within Gatekeeper (by users with the top level operator privileges only), and, as is with the customisable sections in the booking service, permit a full range of formatting options - such as the ability to apply font underlining, colour, weight and size, numbered/bulleted lists, and labels with links to online web pages behind them.
Can I import my existing booking data into Gatekeeper?
Yes, in most cases we should be able import data into a new Gatekeeper system from a database supplied by a prior service provider, provided the data is transparent in its structure, and the privacy policy under which customer personal data was collected covers this eventuality.
According to GDPR laws, the transmission of personal data to us can only be undertaken with every precaution in place to prevent unauthorised access to that data. We can therefore only accept receipt of database tables that has been adequately encrypted before being transferred to us by email - with the encryption password provided to us separately, by alternate means.
If you have been using paper based records to keep track of bookings, one option would be to manually transfer existing required bookings data to a spread sheet, which you can then import directly into your Gatekeeper system via Gatekeeper's spreadsheet upload facility. In this case we can provide every guidance and a suitable spread sheet template towards the purpose.
What do I need to do to enable online payments?
To take customer online debit/credit card payments, you will need a Sage Pay account, and a merchant bank account (a special kind of bank account specifically for card payments). Signing up for a Sage Pay account is quick and easy to do, and if you don't already have a merchant bank account, they can also help you with that. You can give Sage Pay a call on 0845 421 2158, or visit their website here.
To also enable PayPal payments, you will first need a PayPal business account, which you can sign up for here. Once you have signed up for that, let us know, and we will help you take care of the additional steps that are necessary.
What if my payment and discount schemes are complicated?
If you have highly bespoke or complex discount or payment policies, some alignment might be required. If this is the case, we will, of course, work with you to find ways to manage this.
However, Gatekeeper incorporates a very comprehensive range of possible discount and payment policy schemes, and in the very most cases, your requirements for discounts and special deals can be fully accommodated out of the box.
Payment policies for online bookings can be set up for each booking category independently, based on any feasible combination of:
  • Payment free booking
  • Voluntary advance payment
  • Deposit/full balance on booking
  • Deposit/remaining balance/full balance by a fixed deadline ahead of arrival
  • Full/remaining balance on arrival
Deposits can be either a percentage of the full value of the booking, or simply a fixed amount.
All pricing (along with availability quotas) is configured independently for each day of the year, so any daily/seasonal variations in your pricing won't represent a problem.
What payment refund options does Gatekeeper provide?
Offering refunds against card payments for accommodation is unfortunately problematic in the current environment. The problem lies where payments are often made several months in advance of the arrival date, thereby increasing the possibility that a customer's card expires in the meantime. Unfortunately, when a refund is attempted against a card that has expired, card providers (i.e. bank or credit card company) are prone to report back along the payment processing chain that the refund was successful - to then fail to actually fulfil the refund, due to the expired card. This then only comes to light when the customer checks their statement.
For this reason, refunds (cards and PayPal) can be issued manually by staff from within Gatekeeper (partial or full amounts) against any Sage or PayPal based payment, but we do not offer the option to integrate routine, automatic refunds into Gatekeeper's available customer or system initiated cancellations.
Gatekeeper does however, provide a highly effective, and perhaps all-round better solution to actual refunds in the form of a credit scheme. When adopting this, on cancellation, the system automatically awards customers a credit based on a percentage of the payments made towards the booking. The credit is tied to the customer's email address, and can be easily redeemed through the online booking service against any future booking.
The credited percentage, and the deadline up to which point credits are awarded are set for each specific bookable category independently, while it's also possible to set different credit rates for deposits and remaining balance payments. This allows you for example, to award credits against balance payments only, with deposits being non-creditable.
What options do I have to invoice customers?
Gatekeeper has two invoicing channels, one connected with bookings, and another that works out of the internal customer account system.
Any booking can easily be set up to be paid by invoice, with the option to send the invoice out manually, or automatically, either when marked as arrived, or the day after departure.
It's also possible to turn all bookings in a particular group over to payment by a single invoice. The person who will pay the invoice is then provided with access to the online invoice payment centre, where they can see the status of all the bookings in the group, download the invoice as a pdf, and settle outstanding balances on an ongoing basis. Access to the service remains available to the customer indefinitely. This is ideal for when a group organiser or company wishes to settle for a range of bookings in one fell swoop.
Customer account invoicing can be used for one-off payments, but also for repeat invoicing. If you have seasonal pitches or caravan storage for example, this will allow you to fully automate invoicing on a weekly or monthly basis.
With both channels, any invoices not settled by the applicable due date will show a prominent warning in the Gatekeeper menu bar.
Can I email customers directly from within the system?
Gatekeeper provides several ways to email customers. One application is to send a new booking confirmation to a customer. With this, you can optionally preface an additional message, as well as choosing to automatically reference any message the customer has supplied in the additional information when booking.
If you have set up your marketing sending domain, it's also possible to send an email to customers on site on a specified date, or range of dates. This can be for marketing oriented purposes, to marketing consenting customers only, or to everyone. It must be noted however, that where non-consenting customers are contacted in this way, it can only be for absolutely essential informational purposes, for example to warn of a waterlogged field, or a nearby road closure.
Booking confirmations and most other notices will be sent out via your preferred email account, which will typically be the email you already use for other customer correspondence - either an email at your park's website domain, such as, or perhaps a gmail address. This means you won't need a new or separate email account to your existing one for Gatekeeper, and that all such messages sent out via Gatekeeper, will show up in the sent mail folder of your preferred account. Similarly, any customer replies to those messages will arrive directly into the inbox of your preferred account. Of course, we will make sure all of this is correctly set up while getting started with a trial Gatekeeper System.
Can I set up reminders?
In the backstage area of the booking record you can set up an email based reminder connected with that specific booking, which is then sent on the specified date. The recipient of the reminder can be either yourself, the customer, or any specific email address you choose.
What about Google Analytics?
Google Analytics reporting is integrated into all Gatekeeper services and applications across the board. We can set up and provided access to reporting for your park if you'd like, else, it's a simple matter of entering the applicable analytics account number within Gatekeeper's system settings.
If you use your own analytics account, we can provide a tailor-made dashboard for import into your account, providing optimised real-time and tabled overviews.
Can I aggregate payment transactions
based on the date of arrival?
Within the financial reports centre, Gatekeeper provides the option to view payments broken out into all of their various channels (online card payments, PayPal, marked paid manually, invoicing channels, refunds, etc.) in daily, monthly, yearly, and tax year based views, with each of those views available on the basis of either the date of arrival, or the date of payment. On a monthly and daily basis, it's also possible to aggregate all of the individual transactions placed in a given month according to the month and year of arrival, or vice versa (monthly only), to aggregate all payments recorded for arrival in a given month according to the month and year in which the payment was recorded.
This may well prove useful towards compiling tax/VAT returns. It should be noted however, that the final revenue available to you via you merchant bank will be a small percentage less than the fees collected from customers, due to commissions that merchant banks invariably levy on receipt of funds. As merchant banks do not unfortunately at present share knowledge of what commissions have been applied to any other entity in the payment processing chain, Gatekeeper can only offer reports based on the full amounts paid.

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