Privacy Policy

This policy applies between you, the user of the website, and us, the website owner, Gatekeeper Bookings, and applies to all use of any and all data collected by us in relation to your use of the website and any services therein.

What we may collect

We may collect any of the following information:

Use of data collected

There is no time limit to how long we may choose to retain the anonymous information we collect via google analytics.

We may hold indefinitely any personally identifiable information that you provide to us voluntarily, as detailed under the section what we may collect above, unless you should explicitly request otherwise.

On your explicit written request by email to remove any personally identifiable information we may hold for you within our records, and where we can reasonably ascertain your identity as the associated person(s), such as, by writing to us with the request directly from the email address associated with the personally identifiable information, we will confirm removal of your personally identifiable information from our records within seven working days, unless:

Unless we are obliged or permitted by law to do so, your data will not be disclosed to third parties.

All personal data is stored in accordance with the principals of the UK Data Protection Act, 2018.

Your right to withhold data

To disable the collection of data via Google Analytics, a number of browser extensions are available that may be installed and enabled towards that purpose. With such technology in place, you may still use the website without impact on performance or behaviour of the website.

All other personally identifiable information we my collect from you is provided voluntarily to us by you.


Cookies are small pieces of data stored on your computer by almost all websites, this one included.

The cookies deployed by this website contain entirely anonymous information only. Their purpose is to facilitate the delivery of the services offered on this website, and to note your prior acceptance of this privacy policy. Disabling cookies in your browser, or deleting cookies once set in a browsing session, may disrupt the delivery of services, or render the demonstration booking service inoperable.

You can choose to disable cookies in your browser.

By default your browser will usually accept cookies.

For further details please consult the help menu in your browser.

Changes to this policy

Gatekeeper Bookings reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy as deemed necessary from time to time or as may be required by law.

Any changes made to this policy come into effect henceforth from the moment they are published on the website. The revised policy will then supercede previously published policies in their entirety.

This site uses Google Analytics to track anonymous usage of services, and anonymous cookies essential to the delivery of services.

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